25 Fall Activities for Families, Friends, and Couples

25 Fun fall activities for dates or friends Living the Sweet Wife

  1. Test out which coffee shops have the BEST pumpkin spiced lattes!
  2. Attend a craft show/fair (I do this to get fun handmade Christmas gifts for friends and family or to get ideas of things to make for them).
  3. Collecting leaves and string together to make some homey fall decorations!
  4. Walk through a colorful park, swing on the swings, lay in the grass.
  5. Walk through a graveyard
    1. Someone once told me that this is a great way to find vintage baby names. We haven’t tried it, but hey, makes sense! (If you can get over the whole graveyard thing).
  6. Go out for breakfast (pumpkin pancakes, anyone?)
  7. Watch a sunrise together. Round everyone up with a bunch of cozy blankets and a thermus, drive to a high place and watch the sunrise together.
  8. Apple picking
  9. Baking a pie together (you know, with all those apples you picked).
  10. Pumpkin picking
  11. Pumpkin carving (or painting)
  12. Roast pumpkin seeds (easy, healthy, AND delicious!)
  13. Make apple cider together
  14. Fall photo shoot. Rake up a bunch of leaves and snap some pics while throwing them around! It’ll be a fall wonderland! (and check for ticks after).
  15. Bring a meal to a family in need
    1. (Or shop for and donate canned goods for organizations looking to provide families with Thanksgiving dinners).
  16. Drink hot cocoa under the stars together with a cozy blanket
    1. Download a constellation app!
  17. Attend a wine festival
  18. Find an old book store or a library (obviously go get coffee first) and find some random books and give them a chance! Maybe you’ll find a new genre or author you’d enjoy!
  19. Go to a local football game
  20. Hike somewhere with a view
  21. Attend a local musical performance (whether it’s a festival or in a small coffee shop).
  22. Plan and host a “Friendsgiving”
    1. My family and I live in a college town and both of our parents live at least a day’s car drive away. A lot of our friends are in the same boat as us so we like to have a Friendsgiving with everyone before leaving town to celebrate with family. This is also great practice in learning how to prepare, plan, and make a thanksgiving meal before the pressure’s on!
  23. Build a fire pit and roast marshmallows, hot dogs, popcorn and tell some stories! (or play guitar and sing some songs!)
  24. Take a weekend class together!
    1. pottery
    2. chalk painting
    3. cooking/baking
  25. Wake up early and head to a farmers market together. Talk with some of the farmers about their produce and what’s their favorite and how they like to cook it. Guaranteed you’ll learn something new.



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    LOVE THIS POST! SO GLAD that i cam across it today!


    These are awesome 15 and 20 my favorite and will definitely add to my list. Thanks for sharing.


    lauren | talk of the trains blog

    I love this post!! ….I also love the coffee tasting and wine tasting ones and I giggled at the “walk through a graveyard” one because my sister is a tour guide for a historic cemetery here in Atlanta. People get all freaked out that its across the street from her house but she and her husband love it and the history of it all!


      That’s so funny. Graveyards don’t creep me out ver much. I see them as historical and peaceful and reverent. Not spooky. But I’ve never been to one at night. I imagine that would be spookier as many thing are more so at night.


    What a great list of ideas! I would love to go apple-picking but I don’t think there are any apple trees in Florida…sigh. But we could go to the pumpkin patch and the farmer’s market. 🙂


    So many fun ideas in this article! I’ll have to try some out.


    I think the idea of a Friendsgiving is the cutest thing ever! I really like the idea of coffee shop hopping too.


    My fiance and I are going pumpkin picking next weekend and I could not be more excited!!


    Great ideas! I’ll definitely be doing some of these now!


    These are all great ideas! I love fall so much and usually do most of these every year anyway. Thanks for some new ideas, though!


    Wonderful list. I will be out of the country this fall, but it’s a great list that my family can enjoy. Thank you!!


    Fall photo shoots always turn out so good. And, warm beverages <3
    — DT | Here I Scribble


    What an awesome list! There are so many things on here that I love to do in the fall!


    Such a great list!! I love fall. I live in New England and there’s so many fun things to do this time of year. It’s wonderful!


    Such a cool list. Eventhough we don’t have fall weather here on this caribean island, i can see myself drinking some hot chocolate and checking out the stars. Thanks for the tips!!!


    This was such a fun post with a lot of inexpensive ideas for brining in fall!


    I love this list! Number 5 is my favorite!

    Amanda | thedeerandthewolf.com


    Love this list! I’ve been wanting to go to a craft shows this fall, but I’ve been trying to be more deliberate about saving money, and I feel like that would just be a death sentence 🙂 Going out for breakfast in the fall is one of my favorites, though!


    Great fall activities. I especially love the friendsgiving one. So much fun!


    Maybe it’s strange but I love graveyards! I think it’s nice to go through and read the names lest they be forgotten.


    Hi Chelsea,

    My daughter and I went to an apple orchard for the first time this year! We didn’t pick any apples, but we have a fabulous time! She enjoyed the tractor ride, apple turnovers, and apple cider slushy. If you haven’t had an apple cider slushy, I highly recommend it!

    Fabiola Rodriguez

    A Friendsgiving is a genius idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I’m thinking that could also work for Christmas. Thanks for the ideas!


    Ooo, I like the idea of comparing pumpkin spice lattes!

    Molly and Stacie

    Murielle Marie

    Friendsgiving is such a great idea! I love fall and the activities’ list you offer is filled with little gems I cannot wait to do. Thank you 🙂

    CHocolate Mama Loves Vanilla

    LOL 8 and 9 together is funny! I’ve always loved doing #22, This year I guess I’ll stick to family for my little guys 1st real thanksgiving. All these things are awesome ideas and I can’t wait to knock some off of that list soon! 😀


    I love so many of these! I can’t even pick just one. I totally want to do anything including pumpkins though! Also, the graveyard for baby names is totally smart! I love vintage baby names. I may have to try that next time around!

    Alanna @ Alanna & Company

    Apple picking then baking is one of my favorite date ideas!

    Lindsay Rosasco

    This post made me feel all warm and happy with all things fall! I like your creepy suggestion of perusing the graveyard for baby names!! My friends and I used to walk through them to scare ourselves when we were young : )


    This list is gonna be extremely helpful for me this fall! I want to do everything on it. Especially have breakfast outside and take a weekend class. Thanks for sharing!


    This is a great list! I need to complete everything on it. Attending a wine festival would be awesome!

    Erin @ Very Erin

    I love going to craft fairs in the fall! And obviously drinking pumpkin spice lattes 😉


    This is so interesting. I am in Greece and the whole pumpkin celebration/eating/decorating does not exist. I do like the suggestions tho and reading how ppl around the world spend their Octobers is very interesting.

    Emma @ The Happy Journal

    I love this list! The vintage baby names made me laugh – but it makes perfect sense! Maybe I’ll give it a try!

    Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    The idea of finding vintage names in a grave yard is so interesting to me! As long as you don’t tell your future kids how you found their names perhaps haha

    Katie @thebrooksielife

    So many good ideas!! I love the idea of trying out different coffee shops for the best pumpkin spice latte! Ahhh how I wish I could attend a wine festival! I miss wine so much LOL.

    Rosalyn O.

    These are some great ideas!! Thanks for sharing these! I will go on a hunt of the best pumpkin latte! <3