3 Ways I Make My Life Easier as a Working Mom

This​ ​is​ ​a​ ​sponsored​ ​post​ ​on​ ​behalf​ ​of​ ​Walgreens.​ ​All​ ​opinions​ ​are​ ​of my​ ​own.

1 | Ask for help

Ok ok, this seems obvious but to a lot of moms out there (including myself), it’s really not! I’m usually the last person to ask for help either because 1). I hate asking others to do things that are “my job” and 2). I sometimes feel more at peace when I know I’m in control of the outcome and delegation, of course, means putting someone else in control of the outcome.

It’s not easy to ask for help and for many of us, it’s simply doesn’t come naturally. But what we can do is communicate our need for help. Even saying to our spouse or significant other something like, “I may need some extra help this week but I might forget to ask for it. So if you see me struggling, try to jump in if you can.”

Being transparent about our workload and stresses can be a really helpful first step towards checking off our to-do list, and staying on top of our game doing it.

2 | Don’t push off the things I don’t feel like doing

Do you ever wish you felt motivated to get things done all the time? The thing is, motivation is just a feeling. It comes and goes and, to be honest, it’s pretty inconsistent.

That’s why habits and routines are much more reliable than waiting until we feel motivated. Take it from me – I can be extremely emotionally driven, but I often end up stressed when I find my to-do list piled up at the last minute.

Instead, do your best to get an early start to your day. It might seem counterintuitive, but studies show it’s actually easier to get stuff done when you have more going on.

So, create your schedule and start early, and don’t push off the things you don’t feel like doing until later.

3 | Create lists and reminders

I am a BIG fan of creating lists and setting timed reminders for myself. My brain can sometimes begin to feel like an internet window with way too many tabs open. However, making a list and setting reminders is like closing those browser tabs that I don’t need until later, freeing my mind up for what’s important now.

Since high school, I’ve managed chronic eczema that appears on my fingers and hands. If I don’t keep up with my medication daily, it can run out of control and become really painful, making it hard for me to do even basic things like washing the dishes or type on the computer (ie. 90% of my job). If I maintain my daily routine of applying my eczema lotion, however, I can hardly notice it at all!

Walgreens really helps me do just that. They’re one of my favorite tools for reminders because the Walgreens app has features that include “Pill Reminder” so you can create a routine for taking your medication, “Walgreens 24/7 Pharmacy Chat” where you can speak with a pharmacist about medication, and “Save a Trip Refill and Walgreens Express ™” which helps to make medication refills quick and easy.

I recently found out that nearly 100 million Americans don’t follow their prescription requirements correctly – either because of forgetfulness, inconvenience, or lack of education. And that 33% of prescriptions are never filled. That’s crazy!

To me, drug compliance means setting a safe and responsible example for my kids, as well as living my best life with them!

If you or a loved one has a chronic illness, download the Walgreens app here where you can use helpful resources that’ll help you or a loved one never miss a day of medication.

Let’s spread the word of drug adherence together and help create a healthier future for all.

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