3 Ways to Make the End of Summer a Blast for the Kids


I don’t know about you, but the end of summer is when I feel the most nostalgic. Growing up, the end of summer was a magical time when new memories were always made, family time was at its best, and the anticipation of a new school year was in the air.

This year, I’m think about the ways I can make the end of this summer great for the kids. If you want to add a couple things into your last few days of summer before school starts back up again, read below for a few ideas Josh and I have planned.

1 | Make one more memory

Whether it’s camping in the backyard, taking a trip to the zoo or water park, or a road trip to visit grandparents, try to plan one more day before the end of summer that the kids will remember for a long time.

I have such great memories of my parents taking us to the county fair or going camping in upstate New York. Those things usually signified that summer was coming to a close, but when I look back on them I feel extremely nostalgic.

Whatever you do, be intentional about turning off the screen for a little while and creating an environment for family time at its best.

2 | Make even ordinary mornings special

It’s stuck in my head and if it isn’t already stuck in yours, it’s about to be. On August 17, Kelloggs released their brand new Baby Shark Cereal exclusively at Sam’s Club! The Berry Fin-tastic flavor is so yummy and Josh and I love to sneak a bowl after we tuck the kids in for bed.

Let’s face it. Summer break isn’t always easy on parents being on “full-time duty” again. If you’re looking for a way to brighten up even the most ordinary of mornings, grab a 2-pack box on your next visit to Sam’s Club or Samsclub.com!

3 | Make something together

Our kids love to create and in the summer, there’s nothing better than creating endless fun out of water on a hot day. Our kids LOVE water and what they love even more is finding new ways to play with it. Whether it’s creating water colors on the patio with water and chalk or creating a slip ‘n’ slide in the backyard, there’s always a new way to create fun on a hot afternoon with water.

Josh and I love to fill up a kiddie pool for the kids, turn on a sprinkler, and lay out a few toys and let the kids have at it! We also set out snacks for them to munch on on a picnic table near where they’re playing so they can quickly fill up again before returning to the fun.

We love being the ones to facilitate new memories and we can’t wait for the summers to come!

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