7 simple tips to avoid feeling grumpy, frumpy, and tired

7 simple tips to avoid feeling grumpy, frumpy, and tired

7 tips to avoid feeling grumpy, frumpy, and tired

Hey ladies, I don’t know about you, but there are some mornings when I just
know it’s going to be one of those days. I’m tired, I know I look gross, I’m really not in the mood, and I just want to go back to bed. Well, most days that’s not an option (especially with kids). We still gotta do what we gotta do. But there are ways to make what would be a grumpy frumpy day turn around into one where I feel pretty, confident, and happy. Here are some tips that I use to do just that. Tell me your opinions in the comments!

1 | Wake yourself up in the morning.

This might be different for every person reading this. For me, waking up means getting my zombie hands to make that first (yes, first) cup of coffee and getting some of my Greek yogurt and cereal blend in ma belly! I also love to spend a few minutes renewing my mind by reading the bible and spending time in prayer. By spending those few minutes with God each morning, it does a lot to change how I handle and react to new situations that come up during the day. I encourage you to give it a try and see how it changes your day!

2 | Exercise!

You probably knew this tip was going to be in here somewhere, BUT that’s probably for good reason. Sorry, not sorry. Now, I know that getting to the gym can be tough with kiddos, who’s going to watch them anyway?? But there are so many bodyweight exercises you can try in your own home without having to plan your day and a babysitter around a trip to the gym. ALSO, kids love being outside! A walk in the brisk fall air is sometime all my baby needs in order to get rid of the grumps (and sometimes me too). I always feel SO much better (physically, mentally) after I’ve exercised. Not to mention, I’m making myself look better and healthier, what’s not to be happy about??

3 | Eat well

Exercising without eating well isn’t going to do a whole lot for you. And it’s dangerous to use exercising as an excuse to eat poorly. I’ve mentioned before that Josh and I really watch our sugar intake and it’s really made all the difference in how we feel and look. Just recently we had friends fly in and stay the weekend at our house and (as it always is) it was harder to keep to our good eating habits while they were with us. As a result I felt slower, more tired, bloated, and just kind of off. I didn’t feel good like I normally do. Since they left we’ve gone back to our low sugar habits and in just a few days I’m already seeing a big difference. I feel better, look better, and I know that the food I ate had everything to do with it. Try cutting out processed foods and added sugar from your diet and see how much better you feel!

4 | Get dressed!

Has anyone else noticed that an outfit can completely change the way you feel about yourself some days? Or is it just me? When I’m wearing frumpy clothes, I feel frumpy inside and out. When I wear cute clothes, I feel cute. And I’m not saying that in order to feel better about ourselves that we need to wear heels and a pencil skirt to the grocery store, but little things can sometimes make all the difference. For example, in the last couple years, I have completely stopped wearing frumpy sweatpants and sweatshirts. But I love being comfy. So instead I’ll wear a cute loose top with some yoga pants or leggings. Maybe even a maxi skirt (just as cute, maybe even comfier!). Little changes like that make such a difference with how I feel about myself whether I’m going out or staying home for the day. When we get up and get dressed, it starts our day with a sense of freshness and purpose.

5 | Put on some makeup!

Even if you’re not a big makeup wearer, at least try to smooth out those knots in your hair that you got from that restless night of sleep and put some brightening moisturizer on to help feel fresh and a bit more put together. For those of you who are makeup regulars (or even pros) find a way to get your makeup routine done fast and easy so it doesn’t feel like a hassle in the morning. Easy peasy is the way to go for mamas who are feeling the burn. Check out one of my favorite blogger, Maskcara’s, tips for a 5 minute makeup routine that you can have done in the duration of one song!

6 | Get out during the day

This was so important to me when I was on my maternity leave (after healing of course) and even now working part time. There are those afternoons when I feel restless, babe is grumpy, and we just need to get out. Even if you don’t have plans, try to at least get out for a walk, go get a coffee, run that errand that you’ve been meaning to get to. Sometimes getting out really helps to break up the day, get your blood moving a little, and your mind working. Even better if done in the morning!

7 | Bribe yourself

If you’re dreading leaving the house…

There are some days when I get home from work and I know that there are at least 3 errands that need to be taken care of before the baby goes to bed but every bone in my body wants to lay on the couch with a blanket and go to sleep. For like 3 hours. In those moments I need to give myself a little pep talk and maybe even bribe myself to get out of the house (hey, it works on kids AND moms!). Most of the time I bribe myself with either a coffee (we have a great drive through coffee place here in town that, in my opinion, serves the best coffee AND is the most convenient since there’s no need to get babe out of his car seat and back in 10 minutes later. Both of us are happier not having to deal with that) or I’ll tell myself that if I get the grocery shopping done at Target I can buy myself a cute new top or lipstick, just so I can feel that I’m leaving the store with a little something for me. This takes my motivation levels from about a -1 to probably a 7. Which is pretty good for a sleepy Tuesday afternoon!

What do you to feel pretty, confident, and happy (even on a not so good day)? I’d love to hear your routines and tricks and will maybe even give them a try! Remember, sharing is caring!

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7 simple tips to avoid feeling grumpy, frumpy, and tired

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    Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    The getting dressed tip is so true! I used to wear pajamas until lunch some days when working from home. But then I never really feel fully engaged in the day until lunch!


    Great post. The two things that really do me in are eating badly and not exercising. Not doing these two things makes me feel miserable.

    Allison Jones

    These are awesome tips! Sometimes we all need that extra push. Getting dressed and putting on some makeup always helps me.



    I so agree with everything on this list. I also say stretching can do wonders. It’s amazing how tight our bodies can sometimes be and we don’t realize it. Happy Weekend!


    Great tips! Getting ready (even if you’re staying home) definitely helps get you more energized!

    Rosalyn O.

    These are all great tips!! I like doing all of these things on a regular basis.


    All of these things work so well! Even though I fuss about exercising, it really does help and it also makes you get dressed lol.


    Great list.. those all work for me 🙂 I’ll pick getting dressed up today!
    — DT | Here I Scribble


    This was such a fun read, and on-point as well :). I usually have at least ONE frumpy & grumpy day a week, but I’d like to be able to feel great every day of the week. My biggest struggle is exhaustion, lack of exercise, and my sugar intake. I have three kids at every stage of development (a teen, a tween, and an infant), so that kind of contributes. Haha


    Great tips! The one that nails it for me is that I spend time most mornings writing and mediating. It makes me days so much easier and calmer when i do that.


    You are absolutely right about all of these. I’ve been taking care of sick kids for the past 2 weeks all day and all night. There have been a lot of grumpy & frumpy days lately…but this, too, shall pass… 🙂


    Just yesterday I said to myself I think wearing make up even if just around the house makes me feel better. Then I wondered if that was ridiculous! Glad to see someone else thinks it is a good idea!!!


    I really needed this today, thanks! You’re so right!


    yes, shower and makeup, especially brushing my teeth are essential to feeling good during the day! Other adult bonus is a plus though!

    Emilie Burke (@burkedoes)

    Sleep and exercise are my two go-tos. Always!


    Love these tips! I will definitely try them.


    Make up!! Yes! When ever I’m feeling sick I try to put on make up and do my hair and I feel like a million dollars!

    mandy cat

    If you are vigilant enough about sugar, you eventually reach the point where it makes you slightly ill. Over the holidays I made a very rich dessert for our open house. My portion was a couple of licks off the spoon and the KitchenAid beaters. Ugh, I felt like the Goodyear blimp the rest of the day.


    Great list! Definitely spending a few minutes with God each morning, praying and reading a devotion. Jesus Calling is a fantastic start to my day. Everyday it speaks to me about something that I am going through or struggling with. Would recommend getting it. I need to change eating habits and incorporate some type of exercise though. I have struggled my entire life with this, I can’t seem to find “my” routine that sticks. I’m always in a rush to get out of the house and get to work. From start to finish, I feel like I’m always 10 minutes behind. I need to find a way to allow myself extra time so that I feel 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Would love some advice.


      I am the same, Janet! And I don’t always win, either. But I found that doing a time study on each essential task helped me to calculate when I needed to absolutely get started, and when I needed to absolutely get out the door. If you have parts of a routine that can be done the night before, so things are easier in the morning, consider it a gift to yourself. For example, I found that if my hair needs washing, I can do it the night before, then I only have to style it in the morning. Can you double up on tasks? I’ve taken to an audio or YouTube version of my morning time-with-God reading. It helps me focus for the day when I get spiritually centered. Great post, Chelsea! Just what I needed today!

    Kat Adkins

    CHELSEA, I’m inspired by your 7 tips. I have a difficult time getting up and going, but today airport did just that. Went out to a favorite antique store and enjoyed the holiday decorations and a coffee. I live in central oregon.