Cheap Date Ideas for When You’re Totes Broke

A couple cheap date night ideas if you find yourself in the same situation as us. Or just wanted to try to be frugal, which is cool too.

Hey internet world! So I want to take a minute to try to let you guys get to know us Damon’s a little bit better because my “About” page is not that long… Sorry about that. I’m really not a very private person… I just don’t really think to talk about myself all that much. So if you’re wondering who exactly we are, who I am, this is for you. If you don’t care, then scroll on…

So this week brings us Valentine’s Day. You might be wondering what our plans are? Well as of right now our plans are to not go broke. Not that we don’t have good jobs or anything but, well, I can kind of be a little OCD when it comes to taking care of our monthly bills, and even though some of our bills aren’t due until later in the month, I decided that since we had the money, I could go ahead and pay all of our bills at the beginning of the month. Which includes things like rent, student loans, and gas electric, and all that other fun stuff that adds up to kind of a lot! Safe to say I wasn’t really thinking about a fancy date night at the time. And since both of us get paid next on the 15th and Valentines Day is the 14th I think we’ll be heading to a coffee shop and taking a stroll downtown instead of making reservations at Robin Alexander. Which honestly sounds pretty good to me, anyway. It’s not often that Josh and I get to get out of the house together without baby. When we do, it usually feels like we’re forgetting something. Which is probably a good thing.

So to make this post not entirely about myself I think I’ll jot down a couple cheap date night ideas if you find yourself in the same situation as us. Or just wanted to try to be frugal, which is cool too.

Cheap date ideas:

1 Go to a dollar store, pick up some drawing paper and crayons or colored pencils or paints. Set up somewhere in town or in a park and draw what you see! Take the pictures home and frame them and have a lasting memory… or hide them in a place where you never have to see them again. Whatever makes you happy.

2 Do what we’re planning on doing and take a walk downtown or on a trail in the woods. Walking together, for whatever reason, generates the best conversations. For us, usually hopeful ones about the future. I like those kinds a lot.

3 Make a fort in your living room, put pillows on the ground, make a crap load of popcorn, and watch a funny / romantic / childhood movie you haven’t watched in forever together.

4 Go fishing together. Or if fish and worms gross you out, go to any body of water and skip some rocks. I think being near water does something good for the soul.

5 Bake a love pastry together. What’s Valentine’s day if you don’t eat some sweets? Take a look at this easy peasy pastry recipe I dreamed up last fall.

Sweet. Well there’s some ideas for you guys and now I feel better because this post isn’t totally about me 🙂

In other news…

Another reason why I don’t feel the need to have a particularly fancy Valentine’s Day is because Josh and I are planning a beach vacay sometime in April! I am so. darn. excited. I miss the beach so much! We’ll be bringing lil Davey with us and enjoying a much needed change of scenery together as a family.

And Snapchat

Oh! I also wanted to mention that I’m going to begin sharing my Snapchat with you all (I still refuse to say y’all). So if you’d like to tune in and see “a day in the life” that’d be awesome. I mostly snap cute videos of my toddler. But who wouldn’t want to see those?

Here’s my snapchat name: cheldamon

Well I think that’s all for tonight guys! Thanks for tuning in! Let me know some cheap date ideas in the comments! If I like your ideas better than mine, we might give them a try haha!

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    I love these ideas. I recently did a post on my blog about dating on a dime and totally included the fort idea. It’s a definite favorite of ours! Hope you have a happy V-day!


    I just quite my job to blog full-time so I’ll definitely be needing these over the next couple of months!

    brianna george

    Cheap dates are the best dates. Often we spend so much on an expensive date that is entertaining, but lacks any time to really focus on one another. These are great ideas!

    Robin | CaliGirl Cooking

    What a great list of ideas! My fiance and I are trying to save up as much money as possible right now (weddings are not cheap!) so I think we are going to be spending Valentine’s Day outside hiking and enjoying the beach in this sunny California weather we’ve been having!

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

    Great date ideas! I need to check out zoful – sounds awesome!

    Angela @ Setting My Intention

    I love the idea of walks out in nature – my hubby and I don’t do that enough but I’d love for us to do that. Since we’re on a budget – cheap date nights are a must! Thanks Chelsea!

    Karin Rambo

    Great list! We’ll be hitting up the local art museum that is free and then doing dinner. Not terribly expensive, but still really fun!!

    Karin |

    Marci Smith

    Great ideas! I never thought about drawing together, I’m going to try it this week


    Great ideas here! One of the best dates I had with my guy happened when the lights went out one night. We lit candles, turned on the iPhone Pandora playlist and played cards at the coffee table. It doesn’t take money to make great memories! Thanks for sharing your list.


    These are awesome ideas Chelsea! For broke college students these sure make the cut for sweet, cute, romantic valentines dates that don’t break the bank! Thanks for sharing!
    May from


    Great ideas! We don’t have a big budget for dates so these are perfect!

    Amy Jones

    Love them all i can definetely see myself doing all of these! They’re all great ideas

    Alyssa Arnold

    I love these! I see so many posts like this with recycled ideas that just aren’t realistic, and these are so perfect! I can totally see my husband and I doing them. So fun. Thank you!!


    Here’s a few of my fav. cheap dates that we’ve done:
    We hiked around a beautiful island, went on the rocky beach surrounding it to look at the crabs and other creatures and had a picnic supper that I had packed. The only thing it cost us was the gas money to get there.
    Sometimes restaurants have neat deals on like one restaurant had a 60’s day and not only did all the waitresses wear poodle skirts but the prices were the same as they were in the 60’s. I got a cheese burger platter for $3.50. In the city I live in, once a year DQ has an ‘ice cream by donation’ day so you can donate a dollar and get an ice cream. One time we went for a late night drive through the back woods, parked and just looked at the stars and talked and kissed. We also like to try a new recipe for supper (make it together) and then give each other back massages and back scratches while watching a movie. Tubing is also fun. You can rent a tube for 12$ each and tube down a river. For a date with her husband my sister bought 2 kites from the dollar store (they were 3$ each) went to a local park and packed a picnic lunch for a date.


    I love the idea of the dollar store. I would like me and my love to get as many coloring books or CroSsword puzzles for $1 and go to a nursing home To hand out to the ones that are left there without visits from friends and family!