Fall Date Night Outfit + 10 Fall Date Night Ideas

Hey mamas! Happy friday! Anyone else feel like the day (or week, for that matter) has gotten away from them?? I swear I was busy all day but I’m having a hard time remembering what I actually accomplished. Oh well, I’ll just trust that I got something done.

Anyway, if you’ve been following along with our family on Instagram, you’ll know that this past weekend I flew with the two kiddos BY MYSELF to the east coast where my family lives in order to be in a good friend’s wedding. The flight out was rough. I’m not going to lie. We ended up leaving later than planned to get to the airport and I had planned to buy tons of yummy snacks for the kids once through security. Well, after we got through security, we had exactly 15 minutes until boarding time and mama had to pee. So my choice was to go pee, or snacks. I chose pee. On, the plane I ended up buying some food for David and I but it could only do so much (truthfully, I never actually bought the food because when I went to hand the flight attended my card, she discreetly waved it off and walked away. It seriously made my day and made me want to cry at the same time. Not that we couldn’t afford the food, but the gesture was just what I needed at that moment to know that some people just understand).

Anyway again, this was also mine and Josh’s first time being separated in our 4 years of marriage and it was weird! I know we sound like babies because we only spend 5 days apart haha but it felt lonely not having my Jim Halpert around to notice my side glances. Not only that, but it’s always nice to have an extra set of hands around. All in all, the weekend was crazy, but it was great. The flight home was MUCH better because I bought the snacks beforehand AND because our flight was in the early morning when the kids were way more rested than our late afternoon/evening departing flight.

All that to say, when Josh and I were finally reunited, we needed a date night. Correction: I needed a date night. After two flights alone with a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old, I needed a drink and a quiet conversation with my husband bad. Which is why it was perfect timing that my dress from Cleo Madison was waiting for me when I got home!

Seriously, this is the PERFECT dress for a fall date night because of the crew neck (that I love!!), the long sleeves, and the thick, super smooth and soft material it’s made out of!

I grabbed my PU leather jacket (love how the black tied in with the dress) and it layered PERFECTLY!!

Then I paired it with my suede booties I recently picked up from Old Navy. I love that they have just a little point to them to make them interesting but not let my foot look 3 sizes bigger than they actually are haha.

Serioulsy love this outfit for a nice dinner and then a walk with a latte afterwards! If you love it too, shop the look below!

And speaking of dates, here are those 10 date night ideas!!

1 | Drive around town testing and deciding which cafe wins at the best pumpkin spiced latte!

2 | Get lost in a corn maze together!

3 | Pick apples/pumpkins/gords/corn?

4 | Do something with previously picked apples/pumpkins/gords/corn. Pie anyone?

5 | Plan out your Halloween costumes together!

6 | Hike to a place where you can see colorful trees for miles!

7 | Attend a cider festival!

8 | Roast marshmallows over a fire.

9 | Attend a sporting event. Football would seem the most appropriate- but to each his own.

10 | Do some early Christmas shopping to get it out of the way before the rush!

Hey girl, shop the post here:

So, to prepare for our long road trip, I’ve been doing some research and compiling a list of things and tips that will help us actually enjoy the drive and not go insane. Here’s that list:

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    Sara | Mrs. Imperfect

    Wow, i’m impressed that you traveled with two young kids alone. I would need many drinks after that.