Fun Upper Body Workout for Couples

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As promised, Josh and I are bringing you another couples workout blog! In the last post, we worked on legs and core and I think we shared a lot of really cool workouts. A lot of them are some of my go-tos! In this post, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite upper body workouts!

One of the things I love about upper body is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to see results.

Let’s start with a classic:

One thing I love about push-ups is that a lot of people don’t realize you’re actually working your core at the same time. I also always end up feeling it in my shoulders and chest as well! I do love multitasking!

Since having kids, I don’t always feel like I can do the fully extended push-ups like the ones pictured above (I tend to feel it in my back later). Instead, I might try to keep my knees on the ground but push myself to do about 30% more push-ups than I normally would.

Next is the pull-up! This is a great workout to do at the park while the kids play because there are so many things you could do pull-ups on.

If you find a pull-up difficult like I do and many others do, try grabbing something to stand on and starting already in the “up” position. Then, simply, slowly lower yourself down again. Trust me, you will feel it in your biceps tomorrow!

Of course, Josh can always do way more pull-ups than me. Whatever helps him feel good about himself 😉

And last but not least, another workout for the triceps! I love this work out because it can literally be done anywhere: on the living room couch, on a park bench, waiting at the gate at in airport- anywhere.

Simply place your feet several feet in front of you and lean back on whatever ledge you found. I usually start in the dip position and then push up until my arms are straight. Repeat this 10 to 15 times!

Of course, exercising together is only part of anyone’s health and fitness journey! It goes way beyond what exercises to do! What we put in our bodies on a daily basis makes a huge difference for how we feel, how we look, and our overall health! I make it a priority to take a daily probiotic because gut health is so central to many other outward symptoms!

Last month when I got a UTI, I read that women often contract them because of bacteria imbalances, but I also learned that bacterial imbalances can also affect vaginal health too.That’s why taking a probiotic made specifically for feminine health is really important! AZO Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotic is actually a probiotic formulated specifically for female health!! I love that it controls pH levels, helps restore, protect, and maintain a natural balance of good bacteria and yeast. It’s also a small capsule that’s very easy to swallow, which is great! Because of AZO Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotic, I feel way more confident in my ability to Own My Day!! After I learned bacterial imbalances can affect my feminine  health, this probiotic will continue to be apart of my daily supplements!! Give it a try yourself on your next run to Target, Walmart, or Walgreens in the feminine hygiene aisle!

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    Such a great outdoor workout to do with your partner! I often train with my boyfriend and we like to do couple workouts as well


    wow this is extremely motivating 🙂 i def need to find a great work out for my husband and i to do together nd this seems great!


    My hUsBand and i went to the gym together for like a month 4 years aGo and i loved it my husband not so much! Maybe i can show him this post and get him to workout with me


    This is awesome. When I read the title I thought it was going to be coupling exercises! But at least you can do these together. Love your outfit!

    Molly Moon

    This is an awesome workout–we’ve been setting up a little home workout space, and we definitely need to add some new workouts to our list!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon


    Triceps Dips are my nemesis. Lol. I’ve been wanting to incorporate a probiotic into my health routine. I’ll have to check this one out. I’m in Target practically every day.


    Such a cute post! Probiotics have been such a game changer for me.


    These look so good! I definitely need to try this with my husband when he gets back from deployment.

    xx tatyanna