How I Found out I Had a Hormone Imbalance

After having David (our firstborn), I felt like I was one of the lucky ones who was more or less able to “bounce back” after pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of work involved. But after David was about 6 months old, I looked pretty much the same as I did before getting pregnant.

Not so much after Evy (our second).

After having her, I went back to exercising like a used to (I had done my best to keep it up while I was pregnant but had a lot of trouble with back pain and a toddler who hated being left in childcare…).

But something just always seemed off.

Feeling the symptoms

I was able to lose most of the weight that I had gained, but I still felt kind of… bloated.

My sex drive was lower, but I chalked that up to being tired after working a new job.

But I started to get yeast infections? Where did that come from??

Yeast infections were never something I had dealt with before, but now they seemed to be happening almost regularly… what on earth?

So then I started Googling.

Doing the research

I knew that your body never TRULY goes back to normal after pregnancy and I also knew that each pregnancy was different. But I guess I just wanted to keep believing that I was one of the lucky ones.

After a few minutes of searching, I saw the term “hormone imbalance” start showing up again and again and with the symptoms I was seeing, it started to make a lot of sense.

But I didn’t want to just suspect that I had a hormone imbalance, I wanted to really know if I did or not.

Taking a test

Being a work from home mom, I don’t have a lot of time for extra doctor appointments.

That being the case, I was SO excited to be able to try LetsGetChecked. I choose to take both their Thyroid (because your thyroid produces a range of hormones that control your metabolism and cell turnover) and Female Hormone test which looks at a number of key hormones.

The tests were quickly delivered to my home. Before collecting my blood sample with the small lancet and capsule provided, I registered my test on LetsGetChecked’s website and read the instructions on how and when during my cycle to take the test.

Now, I have a relatively high pain tolerance, but I’m a BIG baby when it comes to anticipating pain. I had to work up a little nerve to poke my finger and collect the few drops of blood required, but LetsGetChecked made it so easy and simple to do. After I collected my samples, I packaged them up in the box and envelope provided and sent them on their way!

Within a week, a registered nurse from LetsGetChecked gave me a call to go over my results. Then, I was able to view them online on my LetsGetChecked dashboard.

From here I learned that my thyroid was functioning normally, but a couple of my hormone levels were registering high and that could be the source of some of the symptoms I had been feeling!

I felt so vindicated to know that there was a physical reason for the symptoms I was feeling, rather than being that I wasn’t working hard enough or that I was just being grumpy.

Thank goodness!

LetsGetChecked gave me the exact information I needed in order to make an educated decision on how to move forward with my health care needs. It helped me take back control of my health when I felt like I had lost it. You can learn more about their female hormone test here.

I’m so grateful that I was able to try LetsGetChecked and can’t recommend it enough to those who suspect that their health may be suffering.

if you want to learn more about the sign & symptoms of thyroid problems you can check out their blog here:

Or if you want to find out more about how their fertility tests work you can read here:

Take a look at the available women’s’ health (and other) test available at LetsGetChecked and take the first step towards getting back in control of your health! To get 15% off their wide range of health tests, enter the discount code: Damon15 at checkout!


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    Abby Patel

    Thanks for sharing your experience on hormonal imbalance and kits which could be used to find out the hormonal imbalance.
    Depression, anxiety are some of the very common symptoms which indicate that a person might suffer from hormonal imbalance.
    Living a sedentary lifestyle is solely responsible for the hormonal imbalance.
    Besides, obesity and pregnancy could also trigger hormonal imbalance.
    Thus, such symptoms should not be ignored.