How to Make Your Coffee Healthy

By now, most of us know that diets simply don't work. Losing weight and getting healthy is a lifestyle filled with little choices that, over time, make all the difference. One of the biggest changes I've made to my daily diet is how I take my coffee. Making these simple choices to make your coffee healthy will get your day headed in the right direction and lead they way to a healthier day!

By now, most of us know that diets simply don’t work. Losing weight and getting healthy is a lifestyle filled with little choices that, over time, make all the difference! One of the biggest changes I’ve made to my daily diet is how I take my coffee. Making these simple choices to make your coffee healthy will get your day headed in the right direction and lead they way to a healthier day!

Learn to love your coffee without sugarRyan Gosling behind you in line at Starbucks

This is the biggest thing you will ever do to change your coffee. Everything else comes second. I know I know, sometimes Starbucks doesn’t offer our beloved Pumpkin Spice syrup in a sugar-free alternative. This is where we’ll have to make the hard choices to order something a little bit more on the classy side, if you will. Hear me out: if Ryan Gosling was standing behind you in line at Starbucks, what would you rather he hear you order? “I’ll have a pumpkin spiced latte with extra pumpkin with whip.” or… “I’ll have an Americano with room.”

Yeah. I thought so.

Check out: What Baristas Actually Think of Your Drink Order.

Also, be wary of sugar alternatives, as tempting as they are. Many times they can contain chemicals and hormones that you don’t want anywhere near your body! Your best bet? Complete sugar abstinence. It’ll be hard at first, but oh so worth it!

Choose your milk wisely

Did you know that you could be lactose intolerant and not even realize it?! I was 21 when I found out I was lactose intolerant because every morning I would wake up feeling skinny, I would drink cow’s milk during the day (I loved it!) and I would go to bed at night feeling bloated and sluggish. Every night! I decided to cut out dairy for a couple days to test my theory of being lactose intolerant and I have never. ever. gone. back. Now, even if I eat/drink a little bit of dairy, I get hugely bloated and a horrible stomach ache (sorry for that mental image, but you get what I’m saying).

What’s the alternative, you ask?


Remember, not all milks are the same. Most coffee shops will default to using whole milk in their lattes which thickens lightens the coffee like we’re used to. This doesn’t have to be our only option though! And before you resort to the oh-too-popular soy milk, read up on it a little. I could talk for a while about the dangers of soy milk but, instead, I’ll send you over to this amazing post about why you should never ever ever drink soy milk! The best alternatives for milk in coffee that I have found are 1. Almond milk and 2. Coconut milk. These go great with the nutty rich aroma that we love in coffee. Be sure to look for the “No Sugar Added” options!

ps. They come in vanilla flavors!

Flavor your coffee with natural flavors rather than syrups or creamers

Going through withdrawal without your pumpkin spiced latte?? PSST! They sell pumpkin pie spice at the grocery store! Check out this natural recipe for a healthy pumpkin spiced latte! Or, to make a mocha, add some cocoa powder to your brew. Even adding a couple drops of vanilla extract with some honey will dramatically bring sweetness and flavor to your morning cup!

Drink a dark roast

Take a look at this quote from

“New research in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found that dark roast coffee restored blood levels of the antioxidants vitamin E and glutathione more effectively than light roast coffee. The dark roast also led to a significant body weight reduction in pre-obese volunteers, whereas the light roast did not.”

To sum up: drink dark roast to lose weight and not get cancer. Sounds good to me!

How do you make your coffee healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I love these ideas! I learned too that I’m sensitive to dairy. Milk especially. Almond milk is my go to! You can’t even taste the difference most of the time, especially in coffee! They even have flavored almond creamers, way better alternatives!


    Thank you for those tips. I recently stopped putting sugar in my coffee, and to my surprise I actually enjoy it, lol!

    Shann Eva

    I don’t drink much coffee anymore, as it makes my acid reflux flair up. I do, however, drink a lot of hot tea. I love Almond milk in it, and my newest is the cashew milk…unsweetened, of course.

    The Southern Thing

    I just recently started drinking coffee again so these are great tips!

    Angela @ Setting My Intention

    It’s good to know that my coffee is healthy! I drink my coffee black and hot! Visiting from #authentic bloggers


    Wow who knew?! These are some great tips! I don’t drink much coffee, but definitely good to know!


    I used to always take sugar in my coffee and changed that when I was pregnant. I still take milk in it though!

    Nicole Escat

    Yay! I’m so thankful that I found this, I’m a coffee lover and I can’t lessen my coffee because its on my diet, this is really perfect.


    Excellent tips Chelsea! I love coffee, but had to take myself off the caffeine. These are great and I like the making the same cup of coffee at home only using natural ingredients. It’s so true that those other sweeteners are really just harsh chemicals.


    Love this!! I try to do stevia or honey as a natural alternative plus almond milk! Coffee has some great benefits so no need to give it up completely ! But it’s definitely best to incorporate some of these tips to make it healthier 🙂


    I’m trying to learn to love plain(er) coffee. I think I’ll try almond milk and maybe some honey. Thanks for the tips!


    Coffee itself is one of the harshest crops treated heavily with pesticides- in addition to what you add, make sure you start with organic coffee!


    I was a triple venti caramel macchiato every day. Sometimes2. Needed it before work. Eventually Izoomed to 197 # bborderline diabetic. Stopped cold turkey. Now just plain coffee with a tiny bit of organic maple syrup, teaspoon unrefined coconut oil and organic grass fed 1/2 and 1/2. Dropped all refined sugar and gluten. Now I’m down to 139 and off of all meds!!!!!!


    Add a pinch of baking soda to level out the acidic nature of the coffee. So my holistic nutritionist tells me 🙂


    I make my coffee healthy by making it bullet proof 🙂 I’ve never had sugar and milk in my coffee. But making it bulletproof has made it creamy and just yummy. Use a blender though. Hope one of you try it and love it!


    I have recently started making my own cold brew at home!! So much cheaper and waaaayyyy EASY! I dont dilute my cold brew as I love strong coffee!
    So I usually do about a half cup of cold brew to a half cup of almond milk, add glorious amounts of ice and a teaspoon of honey and Ta-Da!!!!
    The best for the morning!