How We’re Creating Family Time This Fall

How do you spend Halloween?

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot more about living intentionally with my family. I know “intentional” is kind of a buzzword these days but I also feel like it’s still extremely relevant. How often do we go through our days holding our phone in one hand, and checking off our to-do list with the other? I know I’m extremely guilty of this, especially because a big part of my job is done online, I don’t even want to know how many hours a day are spent on my phone!

Which brings me back to intentionality.

You know what I’ve noticed? When Josh and I dedicate time to simply pay attention and be with our kids, they’re actually happier. Actually, they even act like they need us less when we’re able to dedicate even a few undivided moments to them. It’s almost as if they just need a small reminder that they have our attention and are special to us.

Since we’ve been actively trying to be more intentional with the kids, we’ve actually noticed much less whining, even from our 4-year-old who hates bedtime. If that’s not a reason to be more intentional, I don’t know what is!

All that being said, I wanted to share with you a few ways Josh and I are being intention this fall and even during Halloween!

First, we bundled up!

One of my ultimate favorite things about fall is the fact that you can layer up without having to cover up your entire outfit with a huge coat. I love being able to wear a cute top underneath a cardigan or light jacket. At the beginning of the season, I headed over to Marks & Spencer and was able to get a few fall staples for each of us! I love the prices available and the fact that I can get a few things for everyone without breaking the bank. I LOVE the cotton button-down and stretch jeans I got for David! Each are only $20! It fits him so well and I know it’ll grow with him over the next several months. Evy desperately needed a new coat and I been debating getting her a rain jacket (Washington falls and winters are WET) or winter coat. This 3 in 1 Fisherman Coat solves all those problems in one jacket! Not to mention how cute it is with her unicorn boots.

I also was able to treat myself to a little something once I was done shopping for the kids and Josh. I loved this open-front coat! I think the color is beautiful and it layers perfectly with so much! To go with it I got some genuine suede trainers that are super cute and awesome for being out and about with the kids.

We made a special trip to the pumpkin patch!

We talked about all the new fall colors we saw, the crisp and cool temperature in the air, and the silly shapes of all the gourds. After we picked our pumpkins, we took a ride on the hayride and looked around the farm. We let each of the kids pick out their favorite gourd before we left and they loved having something of their own to hold on the way home.

Next, we decorated!

Instead of cobwebs and fake blood on Halloween, I love to play up the natural beauty of the season. We went to a local nursery together and the kids helped me pick out some pumpkins and corn stalks for the porch! I convinced Josh to let us get a huge flower pot as well. I couldn’t resist those fall colors!!

We got Halloween ready!

This Halloween is going to be extra special because this year, Evy will be able to join in on the fun rather than being pushed around in a stroller! I let David pick out his own Halloween costume from Marks & Spencer. He chose this adorable pirate costume for himself and we together picked out a unicorn costume perfect for Evy. They were so excited to try on their costumes that we gave them a bit of a practice round 🙂

We also picked out a few Halloween-themed treats to get in the spirit of the season! (I may or may not have already used up my share of cheat days this fall).

We made bedtime special

During our usual bedtime routine, Evy goes to sleep well before David (our night owl) but recently we’ve been making an effort to start their bedtime routines together by having a family story time together. Can you take a guess where the kids’ pajamas are from?! How cute are they? The kids will be wearing these well into the winter months and they may even make an appearance in a few Christmas photos as well.

I’d love to hear how your family is making Halloween special this fall! Tell me you favorite Halloween traditions in the comments below and how you plan to be intentional with your family this fall!

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    Indya | The Small Adventurer

    In our house it’s just me and my partner and we still struggle to spend a lot of time together! As we’re both students and one of us works nights whilst the other works days, sometimes we don’t get to see each other until it’s time to go to sleep! So we always try to make whatever little time we have together special by doing something we both love, which usually involves making food and watching something funny together. Such simple activities, but when they’re done with the right person, they can bring so much happiness to your heart.

    Leah Ashley

    Love all these!! My favorite is the Making bed time special!! To me there is nothing better at the end of the day then getting ready for bed and having story time!


    Your kiddos are so adorable! This is my first holiday season with our own kiddo. i love learning how other people celebrate the seasons/holidays because it’s a great way to see what everyone does and if there’s anything to adapt ourselves. I, too, don’t decorate for Halloween with cobwebs and creepy things, I’m all about decorating for fall and the natural colors fall brings.