Why You Really Love Cheerleader by OMI

Why you really love cheerleader by OMI Chelsea Damon

My new favorite song this week? You guessed it! It’s the same as everybody else’s- Cheerleader by OMI! Having been recently re-released, Cheerleader is now the #1 requested song to be played on radios in the US and around the world.

Now I usually try to take the songs I hear on the radio (Christian or secular) with a grain of salt- deciding what in the lyrics I can appreciate and what I don’t agree with so much. Josh has been a witness to this. He’ll get in the car as I’m picking him up from work- music playing- and as I turn the radio down to say hello I’ll delve into why this song is horrible for the “young people” in today’s culture. He’s heard me say things like, “I hate this song! It’s totally encouraging gender role reversal!” or, “Yeah, Tov Lo, I bet that’s really fulfilling…”

But this song was different. I heard it, started to be skeptical, but nope- I got nothin!

Cheerleader has an easy-breezy sound that’s hard to not sway with. But besides this and its cutesy lyrics, I’m convinced there’s a deeper reason why this song has reached the top 10 charts in over 30 countries.

I’ve mentioned Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and his book Love & Respect in other posts (which I highly recommend taking the time to read. It has given me insight into the mind of my husbands that I may never have realized on my own). Dr. Eggerichs begins his book with this statistic: “We asked 7,000 people this question:  When you are in conflict with your spouse or significant other, do you feel unloved or disrespected?  83% of the men said ‘disrespected.’  72% of the women said ‘unloved.’”

Dr. Eggerichs and his wife, also Dr. Eggerichs, spend the rest of the book explaining men’s inherent need for respect and the inherent need of women to feel loved. But Dr. and Dr. Eggerichs are not the first ones to hint at these needs. In Ephesians 5, Paul advises women to submit to (respect) their husbands and also for men to love their wives. When women feel loved they feel safe, secure, and valued by their husbands. When men feel respected they feel confident, uplifted, and encouraged. Who doesn’t want all that?

So what’s the connection here?

Take a look at some of the lyrics to this song:

“When I need motivation

My one solution is my queen”

“She is always in my corner

Right there when I want her”

“Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader

She is always right there when I need her”

[Other girls say] “Do I make you feel like cheating?

And I’m like no, not really”

“Baby, did I mention

You’re the only girl for me

No, I don’t need a next one”

Why do girls worldwide love this song?

  • It speaks to their inner need to feel valued and secure.

Why do guys worldwide love this song?

  • It speaks to their inner need to be respected and encouraged.

So there you have it! Now you know why you love the song Cheerleader by OMI! I hope this clears some things up for you 😉 JK. But seriously though…

Thanks for listening!

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