Wife After God & Husband After God Devotional Review + Giveaway!

This devotional for wives is so extremely practical. Jennifer talks about all kinds of issues that we deal with with in our marriages and lives as a wives and/or mothers.

So as I’m sitting here sipping my latte instead of taking a much needed afternoon nap I wanted to talk to you all about the most recent daily devotional I have been going through. This comes from a blogger with many of the same goals and passions as I have! I’ve loved reading her blog and her devotionals have come to be such a blessing in my life. While Jennifer Smith has written several books like The Unveiled Wife, Thirty-One Prayers for my Husband, Thirty-One Prayers for my Wife, and more, I wanted to talk to you guys about Jennifer’s 30 day, daily scripture packed devotional.

*Keep reading to the end for the Wife After God/Husband After God Giveaway!*

Wife After God

wag-front-cover_large_ff326c98-50ec-4390-a288-ab9cc90fabe7_largeThis devotional for wives is so extremely practical. Jennifer talks about all kinds of issues that we deal with with in our marriages and lives as a wives and/or mothers. She talks about the strength it takes to forgive your husband when he lets you down and how we don’t have the strength within ourselves. The only place to find the strength to forgive after deep hurt is God.

Jennifer discusses how, as wives, we can feel the weight of the world on our shoulders between being needed by family and friends, feeling the pressures of society to fit in a cookie cutter body shape, and how alone one might feel when struggling with a temptation or sin that is never talked about within the church as an issue that women deal with. In dealing with these pressures, Jennifer encourages women to remember Christ and the gift of grace that He gives to all his daughters; that we are all forgiven and all hold value in His sight.

A normal day in the devotional looks like this:

Jennifer provides several focus verses  to read at the beginning of each daily devotional. She will then share a thought which may consist of a story either from her life, the life of a friend, or from the Bible. She then guides the reader with a prayer on the day’s topic asking Christ to work in your life in that specific area. Following the prayer, Jennifer provides a practical challenge to go along with that day’s devotional.

Here’s an example of one challenge in Wife after God:

“Take time to bless another wife today through a random act of kindness. Also, find one way to bless your husband!”

After each daily challenge, Jennifer then poses 3 questions for the day. Here’s an example of one of the questions in Jennifer’s devotional:

“How can you respond to your husband differently knowing that the trials you face together have the potential to produce transformation in your marriage?”

Wow. So darn good! I challenge you to walk away from this devotional not loving, cherishing, and seeing your husband as a child of God and a blessing!

Husband After GodWife After God & Husband After God Devotional Review

Likewise, Husband after God, written by both Jennifer and her husband, Aaron, is designed to equip men with the ability to submit to God’s leadership as they lead their families. Dealing with issues like finances, anger, pride, and sacrificial love, Aaron and Jennifer bring up the heart of many issues men deal with in daily life, especially within the intimacy and vulnerability of marriage.

Structured similarly, each devotional in Husband After God is begun with scripture reading, a thought, a guided prayer, and closed with a challenge and questions for reflection and application.

I so highly recommend each of these devotionals for husbands and wives whether you are going through premarital counseling, have been married for 6 months, or have been married for 20+ years! They will encourage you in the daily and so common struggles of married life and remind you to cherish the gift of your spouse and see them as a blessing from God.

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If you’d like to receive a copy of both Wife After God and Husband After God, find the photo on Instagram
and follow the instructions!

5rEb05nj_400x400Jennifer is the founder and writer behind The Unveiled Wife.


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    ashley Lee

    Awesome giveaway! <3 I already entered! I previewed a few pages of Wife after God & I know it is a must read!

    Doris Haddock

    Wives after God changed my life and my marriage. I have a closet walk with God and my husband. I am leading a study group of women and wives through this devotional. I seen so many marriage begin to be restore . Thanks Jennifer for sharing what God has put in your heart.