25 Summer Activities for Kids + Radio Flyer Giveaway!

I always feel like the winter months bring a tad bit more mom guilt with them. The fact that being indoors longer is simply inevitable has meant a little bit more TV and indoor activities and less time in the sun. But now that it’s getting warmer and spring is officially here, little boy and I have been spending much more time exploring our neighborhoods, sidewalks, and parks. I’ve even been leaving hints for my husband to plan our first beach trip!

Seeing our son enjoy the warm weather brings back so many memories of summers growing up with lots of siblings! I was one of 5 in a family that had two sets of twins, so I never had to play alone. Which is just one reason why I’m so excited that David will be getting a little sister soon! My mom homeschooled my siblings and I but as soon as school was over, we were outside playing in the yard and in our large, wooded property. We would spend hours outdoors every day and I have so many great memories from it! So many of those memories included an heirloom Radio Flyer red wagon that we would push and pull all over our neighborhood.

I believe that kids can learn SO MUCH by getting outside and simply playing! That’s why I am so excited to be partnering with Radio Flyer during their 100 year anniversary on March 29th! I recently went through the Build-A-Wagon process on Radio Flyer’s website and had so much fun creating the wagon in which my son and daughter will spend years making memories!

Here are a couple snapshots of what the process looks like online:

And then a few days later we were enjoying our wagon! David is loving it!

I am so darn excited about our wagon because I know the design is amazing and they’re built to last! I mean, they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary, makes sense, right? Radio Flyer also has awesome trikes and bikes, scooters, and other toys that the kids can enjoy for years. Radio Flyer’s founder Antonio Pasin started Radio Flyer in 1917 and his dream was to “bring joy to every boy and every girl!”

Do I smell a giveaway?!

So, do you like what I created? Or would you customize your wagon a little differently? Well, I’m so excited to say that you actually can! In honor of Little Red Wagon Day, I’m partnering with Radio Flyer to let you guys have a chance to win your own Build-A-Wagon! Entering the giveaway is easy: just share your favorite Radio Flyer memory on social media and use the two hashtags #radioflyer100 #livingthesweetwife. Easy peasy. The giveaway will last until April 5, 11:59 pm. The lucky winner will get a special code from me that will allow them to go through the Build-A-Wagon process and order their own custom made wagon, completely free! I can’t wait to hear about your memories!

25 summer activities for kids to enjoy

In the meantime, if you need some help thinking of summer activities to do with your Radio Flyer wagon, here’s a list of super fun and easy activities to do with the kids to get them out of the house, playing, and learning!

  1. Sprinkler time
  2. Find a new park to explore
  3. Take a walk on a walking path or trail
    1. Have the kids bring their scooters, bikes, or tote them in your wagon!
  4. Have a picnic in the yard or a park
  5. Spend the morning at the local lake, beach, or pool
    1. Or enroll the kids in swimming lessons!
  6. Find a VBS program that the kids can participate in
  7. Set up a tent in the backyard and let the kids camp out!
  8. Build a fire pit and roast hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for dessert!
  9. Get out of the heat and spend the afternoon picking out books at the library or attend a reading club!
  10. Make ice cream sandwiches together
  11. Inspire your kids to set up a lemonade stand and earn a little bit change to buy themselves a reward from the dollar store!
  12. Plant a flower or vegetable garden together
  13. Take the kids on a mini fishing trip!
  14. Teach the kids how to row a boat!
  15. Take a day trip to a hands-on museum
  16. Visit an aquarium or zoo
  17. Arrange a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house (everybody wins!)
  18. Play a sport like catch, soccer, badminton, or volleyball
  19. Visit a farmer’s market and purchase some fresh produce for the week
  20. Go strawberry picking
  21. Decorate the sidewalk or driveway with chalk
  22. Visit an amusement park or water park
  23. Make homemade popsicles!
  24. Take the kids to a ballgame!
  25. Create a scavenger/treasure hunt around the house or yard

Got some suggestions of your own? Share them in the comments below! And don’t forget to share this post with whom you share your Radio Flyer memories!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Radio Flyer. The opinions and text are all mine.

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    Love all of those activities. Why in the world didn’t they have a build your own wagon when my girls were little! All the cool stuff out there now makes me almost want to have another baby!

    robin Rue

    Those are all super fun ideas! We try to be outside as much as possible in the summer time 🙂

    Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh

    Radio Flyer is the best wagon! I still have mine (it’s all rusty) from when I was little. Both of my girls used it. Love these fun summer activities!


    Totally agree with you that kids should just “play” outside without a structured plan. And then they can try to find things and be creative while using their imagination! But of course much more fun with a red wagon, right?


    I think Radio Flyer was such a huge part of our little family for so long. I can’t bear to part with our wagon even though my kids are older and don’t need it any longer! I look forward to some of these great summer activities though

    Terri Steffes

    Love the summer list! When you have a good list of things to do then good things happen!

    Jessi Joachim

    I love being outside with my kids, especially in the Spring. It’s awesome b/c it is warm but not as hot as our Summer months get. I actually have a radio flyer tricycle from when I was a little one, so they last forever!

    Blythe Alpern

    Radio Flyers have definitely gotten an upgrade since I was a kid. Kind of jealous of how fancy they are. Glad the weather is started no to warm up so I can plan some fun outdoor activities with my niece and nephew.

    Katherine McDermott

    Love these! I feel like I want to do some of them myself as an adult lol. Summer is perfect for getting outside and stopping sitting at your desk all day.


    Oh my god how cute does your little one look in that wagon?! He looks like he’s really enjoying himself too! These toys are the best aren’t they and they really do last! x


    I love these tips. And how cool that you can make your own wagon? I grew up with a radio flyer wagon!


    Who doesn’t love a radio flyer?! I can’t wait for summer! Thanks for coming up with such a great list of things to do. If only we had time for them all!

    Angie Rose

    Oh my goodness, I used to love my Radio Flyer when I was a kid! They are seriously the best. These are all such great ideas for summer activities 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


    I love that brand. WE have a trike, bicycle and it’s time to get a wagon. Would love to participate in the giveaway.

    Reesa Lewandowski

    There is nothing better than a Radio Flyer wagon. They’re the original! Such great ideas for the summer and so many of these you can use your wagon with!


    My girls love to be outdoors. We have a Radio Flyer wagon similar to this one and they love it. It is great for taking a walk to our local park.


    I loved our RF wagon! My kids are now actually a little old for it but we still use it to carry tons of toys to our neighborhood pool. I used to walk my twin boys every day in it.


    Nothing beats a classic Radio Flyer wagon! They’re so classic and such great quality!


    What an awesome list! We are really excited for Summer and cant wait to tackle most of these ourselves! Cannot wait for the warm weather!

    Nikki Arnold

    I love all of your ideas for summer activities and I always wanted one of these wagons, but mine are too big now. I didn’t even know you could customize it!

    Amber Nelson

    Those are all fun looking activities. I know my kids will be plenty busy with their activities that I am sure summer will fly by.


    My boys have a similar wagon that they ride in often on walks. During the summer, they also like to ride their scooters and draw on the driveway with chalk!