I’m Chelsea




Content marketer

Our story:

Josh and I met at a Christian university in Virginia when were both 18. We were a typical freshman couple and started dating immediately. 2.5 years later, we said our vows on the windy coast of Washington. 6 months later, we found out were were going to have our baby boy!

Since then, every year has had a surprise. 

2013 – I married the love of my life

2014 – We had our baby boy. Yes, it was a surprise.

2015 – Josh got his first full time jobs and I started working for our church and for the first time, didn’t feel like we were “struggling” to keep up with finances. We also finally got plugged into our church and started building a beautiful, Christ-centered community. It’s also the year I started Living the Sweet Wife!

2016 – Josh and I somewhat spontaneously joined a missions trip to Kazakhstan! We also found out were were pregnant with Evy 8 days before we left the country.

2017 – In March, we had our baby girl. In July, we packed up our tiny Virginia home and moved our family of 4 out west to Washington state. We moved in with Josh’s parents in order to pay off my student loans and save for a home of our own.

In 2018 – I wrote a book – Together with Christ, a Dating Couples’ Devotional! A weekly devotional for engaged and newly married couples to go through over the course of a year. I also landed a pretty sweet job working for a NYC tech startup working remotely as a content marketer.

2019 – We paid off a HUGE portion of my student loans, started saving for a house, and reached over 50k Instagram followers!

Currently, we spend a good part of our days at home; Josh with the kids, and I typing away at my laptop. We always make time in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends for getting out, stretching our legs, and discovering new places together. 

Josh and I love to be active and set healthy examples for the kids, although we do love the occasional ice cream “cheat” night.

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Get To Know us

Favorite Travel Spot:   Josh: New Zealand, Chelsea: Anywhere with palm trees.

Can’t Live Without:   Coffee and salty snacks

Must Have Accessory:   My camera!

Best Advice:   Pray, and use the brain God gave you

Describe yourself in one Word:   Quirky

Secret Talent:   Always knowing when someone is about to misunderstand someone else.

Favorite Saying

When I have learnt to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than I do now.