50+ Gift Ideas For Men By Price Range Starting at Under $20

Hey guys, buying presents for men is hard. I’m not sure if this is a woman thing or just a Chelsea thing, but there are lots of different things that make me happy. I’m easily pleased. I like clothes, bags, makeup, outdoor adventure things, workout things, some tech stuff. But men, men are hard. I know this isn’t all men, but most of the men I know are either way too content with what they have (ha) or way too picky about what they like. My conundrum of a husband is both.

So for all of us who have to shop for a man, this list is for you. I’ve come up with over 50 gift ideas for all types of men with all types of interests, with the help of my husband, Josh. In fact, several things on this list are things he has or wishes he had. Share your favorite picks in the comments below!

50+ Gift Ideas The Man in Your Life Will Actually Like


Under $20

Wireless phone charger To-go mug Hot dog toaster Pipe tea infuser Portable phone charger Beer saver Leather headphones keychain Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller Wood mug

$20 to $50

Vest Flannel Remote Car Starter Star Wars Waffle Maker Bluetooth speaker Key and phone holder Leather phone case Headphones wall hook Leather driving gloves Wool socks French press Tile key finder Sleeping bags

$50 – $100

Headphones Jacket “Sports Action Camera” Drone Smartwatch Backpack Smoker Leather duffel weekender bag Keurig Electric razor Slippers Instax Camera Tent

$100 – $250

Headphones Hunter rain boots Mobile hotspot Jord Wood Watch Down Vest Sunglasses Pocket knife Turntable Floating Bluetooth speaker Johnston and Murphy boots Fitbit Leather satchel Firepit


Tablet Adjustable dumbbells


Samsung Galaxy S8 Espresso machine New Laptop Bicycle Google Pixel 2 Treadmill

So for all of us who have to shop for a man, this list is for you. I’ve come up with over 50 gift ideas for all types of men with all types of interests

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    robin rue

    I love this. My husband is SO hard to buy for and I am always looking for ideas for him. Thanks for the easy reference.


    Men can be really tricky to buy for – especially if they don’t have many hobbies so i love these ideas (and that you started at $20!)

    Melissa Chapman

    My husband is very hard to buy for because he likes things he has and does not like to change. He saw a few things he liked the floating speaker, those johnston and murphy boots, and he thought the star wars waffle was a good gag gift.


    I love these ideas! There’s definitely a few I hadn’t thought of myself. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Beth Davidson

    There’s a lot of options here, thanks for compiling this list. I have no idea what to get my husband this year!

    AnnMarie John

    I love gifts guides that also have a price bracket, it makes it easier for me to set a budget! It’s not always easy to shop for boys so this is going to help!

    Karen Morse

    I SO appreciate gift guides like this especially for men! I always struggle when it comes to coming up with gifts for the men in the family, I think this will be really helpful.

    Terri Steffes

    I saw a few things my husband would love! He says his joy is shopping for me, but I do love getting him a fun surprise every now and then!

    Lindsey Mozgai

    Men are the worst to buy for! There’s something about guys that just make them hard to buy for! These are so helpful

    Kim Six

    There are so many amazing choices on this list. Men are always hard to shop for, but this will make it so much easier.

    Jessica Joachim

    These are all excellent ideas. I have no clue why men have to be so hard to shop for. Every year my husband just says he either wants nothing or he WANTS car parts lol

    Ana De- Jesus

    I always find guys difficult to buy for but you have given me so much inspiration. I like the idea of a hit dog toaster that is so cool!



    Alison | So Chic Life

    Why are men so hard to buy for? I have the hardest time because my husband never wants anything. So many great options!!

    Nicole Kamai

    My husband’s mom requires christmas lists, so i always know what he wants!! Love this gift guide though because men are so hard to shop for!!

    Angela Ricardo Bethea

    It’s great that you compiled most of them in one post, These are some really great gift ideas! With Christmas right around the corner if wouldn’t be bad to buy maybe a flannel shirt or that cute wooden mug. That star wars waffle iron looks awesome though.

    Kelly Hutchinson

    I never know what to get my husband for Christmas. I love the idea of the wireless phone charger.


    I might have to look at that video drone for my husband. I think he would enjoy it with my sons. We live near some open fields and a river that would be fun to view.


    This is a great list and helpful when men can be very picky or you are shopping for a man that has so much already you don’t know what to buy. Helpful for Christmas!

    Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com

    My husband is so hard to shop for! These are all such great ideas, I am going to pin this to refer to!!


    My sister in law would love the star wars waffle iron! This a great comprehensive gift guide!

    Blythe Alpern

    Men are so hard to buy for as they often have no idea what they want or don’t feel the need to share. I find that paying attention to things they like or are into are a great way to come up with gifts likes the ones you’ve mentioned.

    Kaity | With Kids and Coffee

    That Star Wars waffle iron may be making the gift list this year. I need a waffle iron, and that one is just too cool to skip over. 🙂

    Shannon gurnee

    These are some great ideas for the man in your life! I love the look of the jord watch and the bluetooth speaker is always great!