What We Finally Did to get our Toddler Potty Trained in a Week

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler Co. for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before getting into this blog, I first want to thank Kohler for helping our son to actually get excited about potty training! He loves our new
Kohler Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean almost as much as Josh and I and it could not have been better timing to help us get him potty trained. As a working mama, every little time-saver helps and the Kohler Continuous Clean toilet helps me save time by having to clean less. I can’t tell you how valuable that is! We’ve had this toilet for a few months now and, as funny as it might sound, I’m so grateful for it!

What We Finally Did to get our Toddler Potty Trained in a Week

Our son, David, turned 4 recently. Over the summer, Josh and I had started “trying” to potty train him because we knew he would be starting preschool in the fall and they would require him to be fully potty trained.

We ditched the pull-ups

The thing is, we started with a lot of safe methods. Things like getting him all excited to wear pull ups and then getting our hopes dashed when we realized we had just switched him into a glorified diaper. We learned that just because he can pull them down, doesn’t mean he will.

Treats only kind of worked

We actually got to the point where he was telling us he needed to go potty 2-3 times a day, and, as the internet told us to do, we gave him a reward (an M&M or small candy) afterward. All of a sudden, David was trying to tell us he needed to go potty every few minutes since he learned that treats were waiting for him just beyond a forced tinkle on the toilet. When we started getting stingy with our rewards, his diapers started filling up again.

The time for David to start school was approaching- quickly. Josh and I were starting to get desperate for David to potty train. I feel like I have to mention at this point that we knew he was ready. He had expressed interest since he was 2 and even went a couple times on a training potty at that age. By almost-4, we knew he was ready. Especially since when treats were promised, it was no problem for him to “remember” to go.

Remove all safety nets

It became clear what we had to do: remove the safety net.

Specifically, our safety net. I think Josh and I had been hoping that David would mostly potty train himself and simply grow out of his diapers naturally. The thing is, we were just as comfortable with them as he was and it was time for us to part with them too.

So, for the next week, David was naked.

No pants, undies, diapers, pull ups… nothing.

We also re-implemented the treats, but only for number 2 as that seemed to be what David was more reluctant to do.

And voila! David always knew when he had to go potty. He never went in his pants (because he wasn’t wearing any) and he had maybe 1 accident. Of course, we eventually let him wear pants again (we probably would have had early parent-teacher conferences if he showed up to school without them).

Frequent reminders

On our part, Josh and I made sure to remind him frequently to use the bathroom if he had to. We would remind him before any outing or taking a nap. Eventually, we started to wean him off the treats and only give them once in a while, and eventually not at all. We still allow him to wear a pull up at night and we’ll start to wean him off when we notice they’re not wet in the morning. But since school has started, he has not had any accidents (the teachers are great at reminding them to go) and he’s said “sayonara!” to diapers during the day!

The Kohler Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean

For our potty training toddler, I was so lucky to have our
Kohler Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean. I love that we had the option to choose the potty-training lid– so much easier than having to grab the training seat each time they have to go. It also has a nightlight to help the little guy aim at night! How smart is that?!

Even if David forgot to flush (which happened probably ⅔ of the time) I could come in and flush later and I knew the toilet would stay clean using its 360 swirl flushing technology, freeing up both mine and Josh’s time. Not to mention the CleanCoat technology that prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking.

The ContinuousClean technology doesn’t require me to push a button every time I want the toilet bowl cleaned. The system does all the work by automatically dispensing a consistent amount of the solid, tablet-style toilet bowl cleaner of my choice every time I flush.

The WaterSense®-labeled high-efficiency toilet even brings us annual water savings. What’s more, is that we didn’t even need a plumber to help us install the toilet. The ReadyLock™system made it easy while eliminating the need to drill holes while offering the same secure installation as non-skirted toilets.

David had a great time learning how to go potty like a “big boy” (aka daddy) using the Kohler Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean! He especially loved the nightlight on the back that made aiming in the dark a whole lot easier!

I highly recommend this toilet for any family! I love that fact that it takes care of itself so I don’t have to! It’s created a hassle-free environment for our potty training toddler AND it looks amazing in our bathroom. Click here to learn more about the Kohler Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean !


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kohler Co. for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

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    Lisa Alfaro

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I just gave up toilet training my 3.5 year old this week. When I’m feeling up to it I will go for your method! And, that toilet seems incredible!!


    Good for you for getting it done in a week! for us, i found one of the biggest set backs in my daughter’s potty training was me. when we started, i was not ready to commit. But as soon as i was, she mastered it.


    My Son is 2 and we have started potty training. he loves being Naked So i will Have to trY & potty train him that way.