40 Things for Husbands and Wives to Do Together Besides Watch TV

Guys- sometimes couples get bored. It happens. Even when you’re totally and completely in love. Probably more often when you’re thinking too much about how you don’t talk and laugh and play as much as you used to when you were dating. Again, it happens! What can we do about it? As they say, “Be the change!” Basically, it’s totally ok if it’s up to you to initiate a little fun. Chances are, your partner will be more than willing to comply to at least one of the ideas below. You’re welcome in advance! Now get out there and have some fun!

1 | Hike

2 | Go camping (even in the backyard)

3 | Go to a greenhouse and pick out plants (then go plant them together or put them in pots around the house!)

4 | Give a room a fresh coat of paint!

5 | Go to an art gallery and find one small (affordable) piece that you both love and bring it home

6 | Plan next summer’s vacation!

7 | Pray about and search for a missions trip that you and the hubs can participate in whether locally or overseas!

8 | Attend a sporting event together (even a local, smaller team)

9 | Plan at least one night a week when you can walk or run together

10 | Start an Etsy business together for a little income on the side

11 | Join a small group Bible study with local couples from your church

12 | Rent kayaks and get in the water! (Or just buy this 2-person inflatable one… it’s kind of awesome)

13 | Start a game of mini golf (or real size golf if you’re up for it!)

14 | Find a brand new restaurant that you’ve never been to before!

15 | Get massages or pedicures together

16 | Play a video game with him

17 | Read a book together or listen to one on Audible (I recommend For Men Only/For Women Only for starters)

18 | Make your own brand of beer together

19 | Attend an outdoor concert

20 | Get matching tattoos (ha!…)

21 | Take a personality test!! (Highly recommend).

22 | Make a baby

23 | Find a bed and breakfast the next town over and have a 1 night getaway

24 | Get a babysitter for a whole day and explore a nearby city

25 | Take a class together like dancing, cooking, pottery, painting, archery, etc.!

26 | Make it your job to find the best freaking latte in town

27 | Do an exercise video together

28 | Stay up and go just to get the late night special at a restaurant

29 | Roast marshmallows (or anything!) over a fire!

30 | Photography! Grab a camera, go outside, and see what happens!

31 | Go to a shooting range together

32 | Try to learn a new language together!

33 | Attend a food festival

34 | Enter a 5K and train together (or bigger race depending on your skill level).

35 | Find hidden treasures at a flea market or thrift store!

36 | Find a DIY project on Pinterest and get to it!

37 | Write a funny story together using a notebook and paper where each of you takes a turn writing the next surprise sentence

38 | Host a dinner party!

39 | Make the most unhealthy dessert you can think of and don’t look back

40 | Play 20 questions! Here are some of my own:

Think of something that would make a great addition to this list?! Number your ideas where the post left off (ie. #41, #42, etc) and leave your own ideas for couples to enjoy! And if you’ve done these before, let me know what was your fav!



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    Sara | Mrs. Imperfect

    It is nice to just cuddle and watch tv sometimes, but is so important to being doing other activities that grow your relationship as well!


    41. Ride bikes together.
    42. Go to the nicest Hotel in town and explore the grounds together, stopping for a coffee & dessert or drink at the bar.
    43. Cook a gourmet meal together.
    44. Go Fishing together. Bring a picnic.
    45. Each make a list of the 10 best things about each other and share it.
    46. go out for ice cream and a stroll downtown.
    47. Do a progressive dinner together – appetizer, dinner and dessert at 3 different restaurants, preferably ones close enough to walk from place to place.
    48. Catch a local live band together.
    49. go to the library together. Play a game where you each have to pick out a book the other one would like.
    50. dress up and Go to a play together.