Love to The Angry Mama

When I was a new(er) mom, when things would stress me out or not go my way, I would just cry. Now, instead of crying, I get angry. Anyone else?

Hey moms. See this picture right here ^. Yeah, that one. I chose it for a reason. If you’re like me, you can feel stressed and overwhelmed and just plain burned out sometimes. And most of the time, you can keep it together. Until something hits your last nerve, like stepping on a lego, answering the same question for the 50th time from your child, or feeling like you’re there to take care of everyone but yourself. And then you lash out. You might yell, curse, stomp off, whatever. And even though you’re an angry mess on the outside, you’re feeling like this^ (the woman in that pic) on the inside. If you find yourself to be that woman from time to time, this video is for you…

*Video transcription*

Hey moms out there!

My name is Chelsea Damon and I write for Today I wanted to say “Hi” to you, Angry Mom. I am making this video not to condemn you, not to yell at you… but because I want to say that I am there with you today. I am having an angry day….

I was thinking to myself earlier that before- when I was a new(er) mom- I would get to the point where I would almost cry because pressure (from life)  and life (in general) were getting kind of hard and it felt like just one thing after another, and everything was always in my way… and- you know how it is…  Now I feel like I have gotten to the point where I don’t really cry. I just kind get angry. And I lash out.

If you are in the same place as me where you never used to think of yourself as an angry person before and you now feel kind of ashamed don’t want anyone to know that you have this problem with anger and lashing out sometimes… I just want you to know that I love you, I feel for you, and I am praying for you!! We are not really angry people. We just need a break sometimes… and that’s ok! I want to encourage you to try to take a couple minutes. Slow down. Pray. See things in light of eternity instead of just looking at how things are today. See the bigger picture. God loves you and there people in your life who love you and you’re not alone!!

I know exactly how you feel so when you feel like snapping at your kids or snapping at your dog (because that’s kind of my problem) I just remember that it doesn’t help anything. While things might be kind of sucky right now… they probably won’t stay this way.

Choosing joy is just that- a choice. So I just want to remind you guys to choose joy, because that’s what I am doing today even though today’s been long…. I’m going to choose joy and then move on.

Alright, over and out, you guys! I love you! If you want more encouraging videos like this, subscribe to my YouTube channel, subscribe to Living the Sweet Wife (by email) and follow on social media!

I love you guys!!

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    There is something to be said for leaving the room, say for 10 minutes, and counting to ten, before anger shows itself. Unfortunately, years later, I regret the times I lost my temper and spoke harshly. It kind of sticks with you. Over the years I have gotten more of a grip on this and yes, choose joy. Children often know when they have pushed too far, and that does not give us license to lose it. They watch and learn and need to see a good role model. A wise woman once told me, choose to love every age and every stage. And I might add, do it with joy. This has helped me a lot. Thanks for your honest post.


    You are so awesome. I loved this video and felt like you were talking right to me! I have a 13-month-daughter, am a high school teacher part-time, freelance writer part-time, and blogger. While I always have a lot on my plate, it doesn’t always feel that way because I love all of my jobs. But sometimes, there is a weird, random tipping point – usually involving something I want instantly cleaned around my house, and I get crazy angry about it. I usually lash out at my sweet husband or find myself having a short fuse if my daughter is whining. Which is ridiculous. She’s a year old. So thank you for making this video and understanding : )

    Aishwarya S

    A must-read and must-watch for all the moms out there!

    Kim M

    I remember before I had kids, I was going to be the sweet and perfect mother. Oh man who was I kidding. Motherhood has its great points and I love it. And I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But no one told me that it would also be so frustrating and completely draining some days. Sorry mom and dad! Love the video!

    Christina Rambo

    Thank you. I needed this today. Ugh!

    Neely (@Neelykins)

    I dont have kids but I really enjoyed this!


    This was the best post I have read in a long time. So fitting!


    I needed your whole blog in my life right now ! I can tell God is pushing me to seek after him or nothing in my life is going to get better or change. I connect directly with all of your blog posts … wife, mom, housemaid… I really feel like God guided me to you page. So thank you for sharing God’s word and wisdom he gives to you to share with others. #futuregoals #followingGod’slead

    Emily Cathrine

    Thank you for this post Chelsea! I find that if I can stop and remind myself that our dogs are good for my son, to grow up with them around. He’s already far more gentle with his cousins and other animals because of them. He has learned manners through them at the early age of 1 year. So when I get angry with them, I try and turn that around to thankfulness, for them being there to help me make my son a better boy and eventually a good man. Thanks again and keep up the good work Momma!