Things for couples to do when there’ s nothing good to do

Sometimes, there’s just nothing good to do… or is there!?!?! Before you give up hope, take a look at this list of 7 random activities for couples to do when there’s nothing good to do!

Sometimes, there’s just nothing good to do… or is there!?!?! Before you give up hope, take a look at this list of 7 random activities for couples to do when there’s nothing good to do!

1 If you have a porch, go out and sit on it.

We live in the south east so when my husband and I sit on our porch in the cool air of the evening and shoot the breeze, I finally feel like we’ve fully integrated into the surrounding culture. It’s such a great place to have those accidental deep conversations, though. We’ve had a lot of great conversations about life, society, the future, right on our front porch! It could be the sound of birds chirping, it could be the fresh, warm air, but for whatever reason, sitting on a porch is much more conducive for good conversation than sitting inside on the couch.

2 Find one thing in your home that you’d like to spruce up, and work on it together.

For the past 2 years I’ve been thinking of our home as a temporary dwelling place. Don’t get me wrong, our home is lovely, but I honestly thought we’d have moved somewhere else by now. When I realized our home was still going to be our home for a while, I finally decided to put up curtains. For the first time in living in this house for 2+ years. I also bought some super cute throw pillows to give our couches a bit of a makeover. If you’re looking for something to take up an afternoon, find a small project to do and complete that you can both be proud of and enjoy doing together and look back on with fond memories.

3 Create an epic spotify playlist together.

So my husband is a big “oldies” fan. You know- Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Supertramp, or The Rolling Stones anyone? And I only listen to them when we’re stuck together in the car 😉 Either way, I love that he loves that genre of music and he loves educating me on it. We like making playlists together for future things we’re going to do like vacations (we recently made a playlist for our trip to St. Thomas), road trips, or just hanging around the house with our toddler. Having music in the background of life makes it a bit happier, in my opinion. Creating a playlist together will be a great way to spark conversation about memories, interests, likes and dislikes!

4 Create an epic dessert together

We try to eat pretty healthy in our family, cutting out most sugar from our diet and eating waaay less processed foods, and I’ve never been happier about my health and appearance because of it! That being said, we have our moments of weakness. Most of the time it’s inspired by random decadent images of cake or some other heavenly dessert someone had the audacity to think up. The other day while scrolling through Pinterest around 9pm I stumbled across a picture of a cake of waffles, held together by cream cheese frosting, with maple syrup drizzled on top. I turned the phone to my husband, we gave each other a look, and then I was off to the store to get the good to make that scrumptious dessert! Long story short, we didn’t eat half of it and we felt sick for about 3 days. We still think of that cake sometimes….

5 Get out the house!

Sometimes just leaving your house- to do anything- will be just what you needed to whisk away the boredom! Go on a walk, go get a coffee, even go to the grocery store to pick up some milk. Yesterday, Josh and I were just chilling around the house after work, babe was getting grumpy, so we decided to run to TJ Maxx just to get a dog bed for our dog, Judah. The change of scenery was just was our toddler needed and our dog got a new bed thanks to our boredom.

6 Look up a random tutorial on Youtube and learn something new!

This could be anything from learning a new song on an instrument, to origami, to maybe even making that epic dessert together! Whenever I want to learn something new (like for blogging, sewing, makeup tutorials, etc.) I hit up YouTube and watch someone else do it first. Whenever Josh learns a new song on his guitar, he studies other guitarist on YouTube first to try to get the technique down. We also reference YouTube when our toilet breaks- about once a month…

Hey while you’re over there, subscribe to my small- but growing!- YouTube channel!

7 Get active!

Sometimes when there’s nothing better to do, getting active beets all else. Like I said earlier, Josh and I have made a whole bunch of not-so-hard lifestyle changes like what we buy at the grocery store and how much time a week we spend being active. Most couples have date nights, but many of our nights out include a trip to the gym. That might not be romantic to most, but getting that time away from home with my BFF and being active together is a way we LOVE to spend our free time, and we feel a lot less guilty about it than when we go to the movies and eat and drink junk. (I will admit that just we week, however, we saw BOTH The Jungle book and Zootopia. Both are amazing, we highly recommend. But keep in mind that we love “kid” movies).

What do you and your significant other do when there’s just nothing good to do? Have you ever made your own epic dessert before? What was it and how far did you get before you got sick??

Leave your two cents in the comments below and share with a bored couple in need!

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    We go and walk around a bookstore!


    I love ALL of these ideas! So much fun to do things with your spouse!


    Love these ideas! Just found your blog and am loving it! 🙂
    xo, Jessy


      I love this post and am happy I somehow found you!

    robin masshole mommy

    Lucky for me, I live in an awesome part of the country so we could never run out of things to do even if we tried 🙂


      That’s so great! Whereabouts do you guys live?? We would love to move to a funner part of the country someday! Josh really misses his home state of WA. It’s so beautiful there!


    Now that the weather is improving in Cleveland, we are finally able to get outside more! Thats one of our fave things to do – and love how its on your list because its simple-but a great chill time to be together!
    Karen |


    This is a great post with a lot of good ideas. Even if couples can get out of the house and walk around it’s always a good bonding experience. Great post xx Michele


      Yes yes yes, getting out of the house is so important! Sometimes when we veg around the house, our brains can just turn off!

    Terri Steffes

    Read! Do a puzzle! Work in the yard! Create an interesting coffee drink! Walk the dog together. Take a walk around the nieghborhood! I love all your ideas. See how they inspired me?

    Ana De- Jesus

    I think that getting active is a great way of motivating each other. As exercise releases endorphins it is a sure fire way to get to know each other in a positive environment!

    Blythe A.

    I love how creative these ideas are. You don’t have to make big plans, you can do something simple together and still have a fun memorable experience.

    Amanda Love

    Those are great idea. I would also say go for a drive, you may be surprised at all the little things you never noticed when you’re just driving without a destination in mind.


    I love these ideas. Porch sitting is always my favorite. Especially this time of year.


    Me and my husband are random and we can have fun by making a playlist and singing all the songs! That is why I love my spotify!


      Me tooo! Josh ( my husband ) so so good at creating awesome playlists whether its for a road trip, a specific event, or just chilling at home. Music makes everything better!


    Great ideas! For us it’s usually something active like walking, hiking, or swimming. We like to be moving…


      I so agree! Being active is a great way to inspire conversation, not to mention keep you healthy and happy!


    I love finding random things to spruce up, my husband, not so much. But we love going for long walks together.


      That’s great! Long walks being the best conversations!


    These are good ideas! We like to grab the kids and dog and go for a hike in the woods.


      Yay! So do we! It’s one of the only ways to burn our dog’s energy ;D

    jill conyers

    These are great ideas. We rarely have a hard time finding things to do. I see a few ideas I haven’t thought of. Thanks.


    We have a porch swing and we love to go out and swing and talk. It is our favorite thing to do!


      I have always wanted a porch swing! That’s great!


    I love these ideas. I try to get my husband to clean when we are bored. That’s usually a no go.




    These are some great ideas! My hubby and I are often asking each other what we should do. I love the one about watching a YouTube video and then doing that project! We’d never be able to create a Spotify list together. hahaha His music makes me nuts. =)

    Martika @ Coffee Time With Him

    I laughed so hard at the crazy ice cream dessert story because that’s what my husband and I do. We give each other this look like it’s about to get crazy in the kitchen lol sometimes, my husband and I like to drive out to the river near us and walk up and down on it. It’s a big river so we can’t cover the whole thing but there’s one area that has lots of restaurants and there’s always an event happening there. Sometimes, we go there just to hear the music outside. It’s a beautiful spot and very relaxing! Thanks for sharing the post and the good laugh! I needed that!